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----- What I Do -----

I specialise in Front End Web Development using core technologies such as X/HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, XML and XSLT. Want to check out some of the sites I've built so far? Have a browse through my portfolio where you can see some of the sites I've built both inside and outside of my professional employment as Web Developer.

----- Why do I do it? -----

I love developing websites because it gives me a challenge to broaden my skills and stay in line with the latest trends in web technology. I am a developer who believes in getting things done correctly from the development side and not just making things look pretty on the outside - valid code is good code in my eyes!

----- Contact Me -----

If you would like a quote for a new site or maybe a redesign of an existing site, feel free to give me a shout - click here to contact me.